Primary Benefits Of Using AVA In Digital Signage

Posted by Cenique on Jul 5, 2016 11:00:00 AM



Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) is becoming more and more prevelent in Digital Signage, so we choose to examine the primary benefits. Download our white paper on How Anonymous Video Analytics Is Transforming Digital Signage to learn how you can use AVA to:

  • Optimize consumer experiences through relevant and contextual content triggers.
  • Better understand your viewers’ behavior and how they interact with your displays.
  • Improve marketing efficacy.
  • Determine most effective on-premises display placement vis a vis content.
  • Make targeted adjustments to staffing and inventory.
  • Validate the installation.
  • Avoid complacency.
  • And more! 
Primary Benefits Of Using AVA In Digital Signage

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