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Global Partnerships Creating Local Successes

Unlike other digital signage solutions, Cenique provides compatibility with content software from best-of-breed partners, each offering unique capabilities that best fit your needs and budget.

From a FREE solution to one of the most advanced in the industry. This important benefit enables customers to change or migrate to different solutions over time without ever replacing the Cenique media player. We call this the Cenique Non-Obsolescence Advantage.


CMS Partners:

Rise Vision An enterprise level Digital Signage Software Platform that has all the features you'll need to manage a network of any size. And the best part? It's FREE!
Wondersign Wondersign offers a cloud-based content management service (SaaS) for digital signage and interactive kiosks.
11Giraffes 11Giraffes makes the complex simple. As a leading business media software platform provider, we help brands communicate with their customers through multimedia.
Dise Digital signage software for advertising, corporate and public information, reception and transportation areas, menu boards, info kiosks and sports arena.

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Global Digital Signage Distributors and Resellers:

Stampede We provide a complete range of brand name projectors, flat panel displays, accessories and components to a variety of audio/visual, computer, digital signage to resellers and integrators in the United States, Canada and Latin America
Redsicom The Resicom Group is a specialty contractor whose focus is contributing to the in-store experience through facilities maintenance, renovation and repair.
Manzara Manzara is a digital signage network operator in Mexico, dedicated to offering POS advertising and market research automated technologies to increase their efficiency and accuracy.
makerSign makerSign, based in Hong Kong, collaborates with leading software and hardware companies to provide simple and easy-to-deploy digital signage products at competitive prices.
PearlQuest PearlQuest Interactive is a fresh, brand-new, Dubai-based start-up, focused on digital technologies for web, mobile and out-of-home (OOH)

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