IntelliSense Audience Measurement (AVA) / Analytics

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IntelliSense 2.0 Analytics

  • How do I measure the ROI for in-store static or digital signage investments?
  • As a network operator, how do I provide real-time impression counts?
  • What is the best in-store location for my signage?
  • How do I provide context aware triggering?
  • Are my digital signage playlists an effective length?

In-store Shopper Metrics

Cenique C410 Intellisense package

IntelliSense Audience Measurement (AVA), our android app which runs on all of our devices, provides answers to the perennial question "how do I know if this digital signage investment or new POP display will generate sufficient impressions and increase store revenue?

IntelliSense Analytics is the offline equivalent to the online world of Google Analytics providing marketers and store owners the metrics they need to optimize and rationalize static and digital signage deployments & investments.

IntelliSense Analytics ensures you are delivering relevant shopper messaging that stimulates buying behaviors and sales uplift for the retail owner.

Indispensable Metrics

The IntelliSense Analytics dashboard provides Ten (10) real-time effectiveness metrics for your in-store signage. This invaluable information provides key insights into shopper behaviour shaped by your messaging from the number of shopper impressions by gender and age groups, to time of day and day of week impression reports.

  • Impressions
  • Gender
  • Dwell Time
  • Day of Week
  • Location Performance
  • Opportunity to view
  • Age Group
  • Time of Day
  • Effectiveness Index
  • Proximity
Intellisense Analytics Dashboard

The specific information collected by devices is only available to the account owner and is never shared with others.

Intellisense Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA)