Intelligent Digital Signage Media Players

Cenique is delivering the next generation of Intelligent Digital Signage Solutions, called IntelliSense1.0. All IntelliSense solutions leverage the economical Android platform delivering all of the high performance features for the majority of single screen applications. Plus the advantages of low power, solid-state and integrated connectivity. Best yet, they are delivered pre-loaded with CMS software from leading suppliers for more efficient deployments for resellers and SME customers alike. Every solution is also delivered future-proof, pre-configured with IntelliSense Analytics software that will enable you to optimize your content to fully maximize your digital signage ROI.

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IntelliSense 1.0 AVA

Just like Google Analytics for the online world, Cenique Intellisense1.0 solutions provide Analytics for the offline, brick and mortar retail setting. IntelliSense AVA helps answer the perennial question "how do I know if my digital signage or POP investment will increase sales?" IntelliSense provides answers to this question and more for 1 sign or an entire network.

  • > How many impressions did my playlist generate by day and time of day?
  • > How do my impressions compare across shopper demographics?
  • > What was the average viewer dwell time?
  • > Did my last promotional message produce the sales uplift I expected?


Android Developers

Need Help With Your Next Android Development

If you need a specialized Android solution or application, we have a full team of highly trained Android OS and cloud-based software and hardware engineers for custom projects. When combined with US-based project management, Cenique's additional geographic locations in Hong Kong and India enable rapid prototyping and access to the leaders of high volume technology manufacturing.

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Primary Benefits Of Using AVA In Digital Signage

Primary Benefits Of Using AVA In Digital Signage

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Primary Benefits Of Using AVA In Digital Signage